Adding and Removing Learners

This will show you how to add and remove learners.

ADDING Learners

To Add a learner, login to the site and go to top menu and click “Manage Your Learners.”

Then scroll to the portion of the page that says “Add and Remove Learners.”

You can see the number of seats remaining and this correlates to how many users you can add. The example below shows we have 9 out of 10 seats currently available.

Select the dropdown menu labeled “Users”

From there you can add one or multiple users. You just need to have the first name, last name, and email address of the user. You can also set the password for the user or leave it blank and a password will be generated and emailed to them.

Example of adding One User

Example of adding multiple users:

Example of adding multiple users

If you have a really large group, you can also use the “Upload Users” function where you can upload an .csv file to input your users. Make sure you download the Sample .CSV file as a template. Please read the instructions carefully prior to doing this.

Upload a CSV file large groups


Remove learners is very easy.

Simply select the learner(s) to remove, and then click “Remove User(s)” button.

Once you remove the learner(s), your user/seat number will increase by the number of users you deleted and you can add more users if desired.

After this you can Add/Remove Group Leaders and/or Track/Manage your Learners.