Communicate With Your Learners

The POCUS 101 Courses gives you a simple way to communicate and contact ALL your learners or even message individuals privately!

This is especially useful when you want to remind your group to complete a specific course before going to a hands on session.

Or maybe you just need to remind an individual that they haven’t still need to complete a course before residency ends.

For any reason, if you need to contact your learners we have a really easy way for you to do that! Let’s go over how!

The best part is that they can communicate back to you and the group as well. All messages are saved on the system so you can always go back to and refer to any previous messages that were placed.

“My Groups” Tab

To start, go to the “My Groups” tab at the top menu

Select your Group

Next click on your Group page. After clicking on it you will see all the members of the group.

Messaging Individuals

Just click on the envelope icon below the individual to message that specific individual

Messaging The Entire Group

To message the entire group click on the “Send Messages” tab and this will allow you to send messages to the entire group! And it’s as easy as that!