POCUS 101 App

Download on ANY Device

We are really excited to introduce to you our FREE POCUS 101 app. This app can be downloaded on your apple or android phone and tablet devices.

We thought it was really important to make this app for POCUS users to be able to access high quality pocus content any time at the bedside.

Don’t Need a Subscription to Use

To access the free content on the app just click on the continue without logging in link. If you have subscription to the POCUS 101 courses make sure to sign in with your credentials. If you don’t have a subscription yet just visit courses.pocus101.com to check out our full online POCUS curriculum.

Access the POCUS 101 Blog Tutorials

Once you are past the login screen you can access all of the free comprehensive written tutorials from the POCUS 101 blog. We organized it so it would be easy for you to access any tutorial at any time. Just click on the link and it will take you to the tutorial as well as access to any available related handouts.

Access all of your POCUS 101 Courses

If you have a subscription to the POCUS 101 courses you can access all of your courses directly from the APP. Just click on the icon here to view all of your courses. It will display you which ones you have completed as well as the ones you still need to complete. Then click on a course you want to view and and then select a lesson. The video should automatically start playing on your phone. You can change the playback speed of the video by selecting the gear icon. Once you select a playback speed all future videos will be played at that same speed.

The app will sync all your course data with the desktop site so you can continue learning on the go.

Download your CME Certificates

In addition you can access and download all of your CME certificates of completion on the app by clicking the middle icon here and then selecting a CME certificate you want to view.

Messaging System

If you are part of a group subscription there is also a built in text messaging system that you can use to contact other people within the group. This will allow group leaders to communicate with all of their learners as well as individual users to communicate directly with their group leader. A notification badge appears on the users phone when new messages are received. We find this is a great way for users to get feedback from their instructors as well as for instructors to remind their groups to complete specific courses before hands on sessions.

Remember if you want access to the courses just visit courses.pocus101.com and if you ever have any questions just shoot me an email at editor@pocus101.com