POCUS 101 Course Features

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Click HERE for a Free Preview of one the Lung Ultrasound Lesson.

Click HERE for a FREE Preview of how to get the Parasternal Long Axis Cardiac View.

Click HERE for a FREE Preview of how to evaluate for Pericardial Effusions/Tamponade.

Our Mission

The mission of POCUS 101 has always been to empower users from any specialty, anywhere in the world to learn point of care ultrasound in the easiest way possible.

The POCUS 101 Online Course is just another way that we’re trying to make this happen.

In order to do this, we got feedback from hundreds of learners from students to attending physicians from across the globe and asked them what they would want in an online point of care ultrasound course. We sought out to make that course a reality on the courses.pocus101.com platform and then trialed it on over a thousand users from numerous medical schools, residencies, and fellowships before releasing this to you.

Let’s go over the features of how this course and how it can help you.

Short and Concise Videos

One of the most important points that learners brought up was that they wanted Short and Concise Videos. So we made sure to make our videos from 3 to 6 minutes long and just focus on the major areas that would allow you to start scanning or that were clinically relevant to the majority of learners beginning their POCUS journey.

Click HERE for a Free Preview of one the Lung Ultrasound Lesson.

Focus on Image Acquisition

The next feature that POCUS learners really wanted was detailed instructions on how to acquire ultrasound images as well as how to trouble shoot poor views. We spent thousands of hours recording and editing multiple camera angles synced with real-time continuous recording of the ultrasound screen to find the best possible way for you to learn how to acquire images. The thought process being that if you can’t properly get an ultrasound view, it doesn’t matter how much pathology you know.

Click HERE for a FREE Preview of how to get the Parasternal Long Axis Cardiac View.

How to Troubleshoot While Scanning

In addition, to showing you how to get the view, we also tried something novel and that was to recreate the most common errors a learner would encounter while scanning, and then would show you exactly how to troubleshoot that error. For example, a common error when performing the parasternal long axis is a having the left ventricle foreshortened. We would replicate that view and then show you how to resolve that by rotating the probe counterclockwise. We did this for all the basic ultrasound applications.

POCUS Pathology

After you’ve learned how to acquire the images properly, we go over the most common pathology for each organ system using short and detailed videos. We made sure to include high quality illustrations as well to help you understand more difficult concepts.

Click HERE for a FREE Preview of how to evaluate for Pericardial Effusions/Tamponade.

Accessible Anywhere – POCUS 101 App!

The next feature that learners wanted was to have the courses accessible on any device. So, we made sure the course can be accessed on any normal desktop with a web browser. But in addition to that we created a dedicated POCUS 101 App for apple and android that can be downloaded to your phone or tablet devices. All courses and CME certificates can be accessed from the App and are synced directly to the cloud.

See the video below to see the Free POCUS 101 App Features!

Group Subscriptions – For Directors

We didn’t stop with just the learners, we also made sure to focus on POCUS instructors as well. Many of you may oversee the training of large group of learners from medical students, residents, and fellows. We’ve gotten feedback from lots of Ultrasound Directors and the main challenges they state are the barriers to distributing consistent high quality pocus content to their learners as well as keeping track of their learners progress before doing a live hands-on session. We helped solve this problem by creating a simple learning management system where a group leader can see in real-time all student data, completion rates, quiz score, as well as the ability to export group or individual data into excel format. In addition the group leader can easily manually add more instructors to the group to have access to the courses and student data. We found that this learning management system really helps both the learners and instructors have a consistent and high-quality POCUS educational experience.

POCUS 101 Learning Management System
Preview of Learning Management System

Competitive Pricing

Of course, one of the biggest things we also considered was pricing and understand that budgets are one of the biggest hurdles for individuals and groups. Keeping with our mission to help empower anyone to learn POCUS we made sure to have competitive pricing to make it affordable for anyone. We believe our individual subscription pricing is very reasonable especially when compared to other courses. And for group subscriptions with over 30 users, we are giving up to 70% off discounts for medical schools as well as up to 50% off for residencies. This amounts to less than 30 dollars per student or 50 dollars per resident a year. In addition we don’t charge for multiple group leaders and all future courses are included within the price. We believe this is an incredible value and an investment for any institution trying to get their program up running with a budget. We’ve trialed these for groups ranging from entire medical schools to residencies including emergency medicine, internal medicine, family medicine, surgery, anesthesia, and critical care fellowships. Just email me at Editor@Pocus101.com to schedule a demo and I can work with you on helping to find the best way to integrate it within your program and budget.

Donating to Global Efforts

POCUS 101 Global Donation
Pledge Health is one of the Emergency Medicine Residencies we are supporting in Mozambique

Lastly, pertaining with our mission of spreading POCUS across the globe, your subscriptions will be helping to support underserved non-profit international programs through the donation of our platform to international efforts. To date, we are supporting 3 residencies in Africa. Two of them are emergency medicine residencies and one is a general surgery residency. If you are part of or know of a non-profit international residency training program that needs POCUS training, please contact me at Editor@Pocus101.com to see how we can help.

If you have any questions just shoot me an email at Editor@Pocus101.com with any questions.