Purchasing a Group License

Use these steps to purchase a group license on POCUS 101 Courses

1. Select the Group Option on the Pricing Page

To do this select “Pricing” on the top of the menu page.

From there you should see the Pricing page. Scroll down to the Groups option and push “Get Started!”

2. Select Number of Users/Learners

Here you can select the number of users/learners you would like to purchase. Don’t include the group leader in this number, you will automatically get access.

Click on Sign up Now button after you selected the number of users.

3. View Cart

Next select the “view cart” button on the top right of the screen.

Then confirm the number of users/seats are correct.

Then click on “Proceed to Check Out.”

4. Checkout

Fill in all of the billing details on the checkout page.

5. Group Name – IMPORTANT!!

It is extremely important that you set a group name at the bottom left of the checkout page as this is the group name you will see as the group leader.

A good way to name your group would be the following:

Institution-Specialty-Training Program

Some Good Examples of Group names:
Loma Linda University Emergency Medicine Residency
LLU EM Residency

***If you decide that you want multiple groups, for example a separate group for each residency or medical school class, you will need to make separate group purchases and label the group name to specify that specific group.

An example would be:
LLU Medical School 2021-2025
LLU EM Residency – PGY 1

6. After The Purchase

So after the purchase you will need to add learners which you can learn how to do HERE.

*Also you will notice that the number of seats available to you will be one less than what you purchased. For example if you bought 10 seats you will see 9 out 10 seats remaining. This is because the initial purchase will give up one of the seats to the group leader. However it should be resolved in 1-2 working days and you will have your full number of seats. If it doesn’t resolve, email support@pocus101.com to get it resolved.