Tracking Learners

The POCUS 101 Course Learning Management System allows you to track your learners progress and quiz scores.

Make sure to Add All Your Learners you want to keep track of.

To do this, login to the site and go to top menu and click “Manage Your Learners.”

On the top of the page you should see an area called “See Your Learners’ Progress.”

Course Report Tab

The course report tab gives you an overview of all of your learners/users in one display.

It tells you the number of users you have and how many learners have completed the courses as well as the quiz scores. You can also export this data as a csv file for further reference.

Course Report Tab

If you want to see exactly what users have or have not completed a specific course, just click on the “see details” link.

User Report Tab

The user report tab gives detailed information for each user and shows how many courses they have in progress and that are completed.

Click on the “see details” link for each user to get a break down of all of of the courses they have in progress, completed, and quiz scores.