Getting Started with POCUS 101 Courses

We are excited to help you embark on your journey of using Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) in your clinical practice. We created the POCUS 101 course with YOU, the learner, in mind. We interviewed hundred of users before we even started making the course to make sure that it is user-centric. We hope you feel the POCUS 101 Difference when you start learning.

Whether you are a budding medical student to a seasoned attending, you will find the information in these courses useful.

Here is a video summarizing how to get started:

“My Courses” Tab

The My Courses Tab will give you access to all of the courses you have access to. Simply click on the course to start learning.

Short and Sweet Videos

We found that the optimal video length for learners is about 3-7 minutes. We tried our best to not go over 5 minutes per video and keep the learners attention span. In addition, our videos will remember the speed you set your video at and keep it at the same speed for all of your videos.

High Quality Illustrations

We created high quality illustrations to make it easier on you to learn POCUS.

Focusing on Image Acquisition

The most unique thing about the POCUS 101 Course is that we REALLY focus on image acquisition. We spent hundreds of hours with multiple camera angles to show you exactly how to get an image. We recorded our hand movements continuously with the ultrasound video so you can see exactly how the image is obtained from an experts point of view

Showing you the Pitfalls

In addition to showing you how to get an image, another unique aspect of POCUS is that we recreated every pitfall and suboptimal view that a POCUS learner would encounter and then recorded how to resolve/trouble shoot it as well! Now when you encounter that suboptimal view you’ll know exactly how to trouble shoot it. We believe that if you can’t acquire and trouble shoot your views it really doesn’t matter how much theoretical POCUS knowledge you know. It all starts with properly getting your views!

Feedback from medical students, residents, fellows, and attendings all say they find this approach extremely useful!

Board Review Style Quiz Questions

At the end of each course there will be a quiz section that has board review style questions adapted from our own POCUS board review book. They will have detailed questions and explanations to help you clinically integrate POCUS concepts.

POCUS Certificate Downloads

After completing any course, a certificate of attendance will be emailed to you and you can also download it from the POCUS 101 Course site. If you are a physician, CME credit will also be awarded to you as well.

“Dark” Theme

We included an option to view the courses in a “Dark” Theme if you prefer.