Med Student

$ 149
/ Yr
  • All POCUS Courses
  • Certificates of Participation


$ 249
/ Yr
  • All POCUS Courses
  • Certificates of Participation


$ 349
/ Yr
  • All POCUS Courses
  • CME Certificates

Need to Manage a Group of Learners?

One of the biggest obstacles we face as POCUS educators is managing a group of learners like medical students, residents, APPS, and fellows.

We created a scalable learning management system that allows you, as a group leader, to manage a group of any size from a small group of five to thousands of learners. 

With the learning management, you will be able to:

In addition, your learners will have access to the entire POCUS 101 Courses library or you can choose to customize your curriculum with specific content relevant to your specialty as well.

This is perfect for Medical Schools and residency training programs for Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Anesthesia, Surgery, Pediatrics, and Critical Care, etc.

Read through this GUIDE to help you properly purchase a Group license.

Have a large group of 30 to 1000+learners? Contact us on getting an exclusive educational discount (up to 70% off)!


$ 99
/ User / Yr
  • Perfect for Medium Sized Groups (<30)
  • Learning Management System
  • Discounted Group Rate
  • All POCUS Courses
  • POCUS Certificates of Completion

Medical School
Group Subscription

$ 30
/ Student / Yr
  • >30 Students Required
  • Learning Management System
  • All POCUS Courses
  • POCUS Certificates of Completion

Group Subscription

$ 50
/ Resident / Yr
  • >30 Residents Required
  • Learning Management System
  • All POCUS Courses
  • POCUS Certificates of Completion


User-Centric POCUS Content

We’ve spent thousands of hours creating the perfect online POCUS course based on user feedback. We truly feel it’s the next best thing to having a personal POCUS instructor guiding you. 

Unlimited Access on Any Device

You should have access to POCUS education when you want it, how you want it. Access all POCUS courses anytime on any computer, tablet, or mobile device. 

Continuing Medical Education - CME

POCUS is a tactile skill, and if you don’t use it, you might lose it! Review and perfect your POCUS technique while getting CME Credit! (The application for CME credit has been submitted).

Board Review Style Questions

Be prepared for any POCUS question on the USMLE or residency/specialty boards. Each course has detailed board review type questions to help you grasp POCUS concepts.

Downloadable Phone and Tablet App

Download the free phone and tablet app so you can reference the POCUS courses anywhere!

Manage and Keep Track of Learners

When you get a group subscription, you will have access to a learning management system to keep track of all your learners’ course completion and quiz results.

Some happy users

“As a medical student, the courses on POCUS101 have made learning ultrasound straightforward and effective. The videos are perfect for learning at my own pace and the troubleshooting sections have really helped me optimize my views while resolving the classic pitfalls of image acquisition”
Peter Reim
Medical Student
As a community physician, staying up to date with my point of care ultrasound skills have been difficult. The POCUS 101 Courses are a great refresher while allowing me to get CME!
POCUS 101 Courses Attending Emergency Physician Testimonial Training Learning
Sam Ko, MD
Attending Physician & Founder of Reset Ketamine